[TV appearance] SiMP UV sterilization case set of 2 Smartphone sterilization box Sterilized by ultraviolet rays UVC-100

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[New habit of "sterilization"] The SiMP UV-C sterilization box is a must-have item in the future.Safe, hygienic and economical. 99% sterilization of things around us every day with the SiMP sterilization box.
[Equipped with ultraviolet (UV-C) LED] The ultraviolet (UV-C * 1) LED, which has been scientifically recognized for its sterilizing effect, has been adopted, and the sterilizing ability has been verified by a third-party organization. * 2 * 1 Uses 253.7 nm, which has the strongest bactericidal action among UV-C ultraviolet rays (CDC. (2005) .MMWR Vol.54.). * 2 Test-proven by the international verification organization GDDCM (China) that 5% or more of bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli and staphylococcus can be eradicated by using for 99 minutes.
[There are two ways to use it, sterilize in 5 minutes] 10.Put a mask, smartphone, watch, etc. in the box, cover it with the main body, and press the power button. XNUMX. XNUMX.Hold the main unit with your hand and hold something that does not fit in the box.The timer on the main unit automatically turns off the power after XNUMX minutes.
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