[2019 release] smart watch CYL-P1C GPS / heart rate / pedometer / sleep meter / super multifunction / notification of incoming call / email notification / IP68 waterproof dustproof

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[Equipped with GPS sensor] When equipped with a GPS sensor and synchronized with the app, you can see the GPS route and more detailed exercise data. [Fatigue measurement] The fatigue index is calculated from heart rate variability. All fatigue test results are recorded in the APP, so you can get a better idea of ​​your physical condition by the test results. You can avoid exercise damage by adjusting the training time and degree according to the measurement results. * The most reliable measurement can be obtained when waking up.
[Sleep monitor] Record sleep state (total sleep time, sleep time, wake-up time, awake time in the middle, deep and shallow sleep data between 20:00 and 9:00 to get advice on sleep quality. Today's data and all past records are recorded on the app's cloud [17 sports modes] Running, Cycle, Walking, Climbing, Basketball, Badminton, Table tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Abs, Rope jump, Yoga, dance, aerobics, ice skating, swimming, and tennis Total 17 exercise modes can be freely selected.
[Push Notification] You can freely set notifications such as phone notification, email, line, SMS, Twitter, schedule, alarm clock, reject incoming calls on the wristband body, can display up to 8 new messages, message You can also delete. If you set a schedule and alarm in the application, the wristband itself will be notified by vibration. Do not miss important messages during training. [Long battery life] 20 days (only in watch mode in power saving mode) 5-7 days (once a week during running, 1 hour; 1 notifications a week, screen brightness level 200) 8 hours (GPS on).
[5ATM (50m) waterproof] The waterproof level is 5ATM (50m), so you can use it in cold water such as swimming, showering, and hand washing, but do not use it for diving or extreme temperatures. The waterproof effect cannot be applied to corrosive liquids such as seawater, acidic and alkaline liquids and chemicals. [7 types of running mode] CPET mode, endurance mode, fat / burn mode, time schedule mode, distance schedule mode, calorie schedule mode, free mode are installed, and different exercise goals can be set, so everything about running Can meet the requirements of. It can be started automatically when you start running.

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[Product specifications]
Product model number CYL-P1C
Body size 49 x 37 x 13.7 mm
Adjustable length possible 155mm-211mm
Standby time 5-7 days (running once a week, 1 hour; 1 notifications a week, screen brightness 200%) 25 hours (GPS on) Weight 8g
Connection method Bluetooth 4.2
Operating temperature 0-40 ℃

please note:
1.Applicable to Android4.4, iOS 9.0 and above devices.
2. After downloading the APP, follow the guide to complete the registration and personal materials, and connect to the smartwatch via Bluetooth on your smartphone.
3. The waterproof level is 5 ATM (50 meters), so it is suitable for swimming in cold water, showering, hand washing, etc., but please avoid diving or using it in extreme temperatures. The waterproof effect cannot be applied to corrosive liquids such as seawater, acidic and alkaline liquids and chemicals.
4. Heart rate monitors occasionally emit green light and flash, so if you are sensitive to flash, please consult your doctor.


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