[2019 latest version] Mirror type drive recorder Simultaneous recording of front and rear cameras Equipped with ADAS safe driving support function with parking monitoring GPS Continuous recording Impact recording

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Other features:
5.1 Android OS
Phisung G07 car dvr is MTK1 process with 16GB RAM and 6735GB ROM.

Bluetooth hands-free
This car camera is a Bluetooth hands-free 4.0 version and equippment.
After we set up the smartphone and car dvr bluetooth pair, our phone contact list will be synced to the car dvr, so you can answer and call the phone through the car DVV I can.

FM transmitter
You can play music from the car radio by setting the car frequency just like the car radio.

Loop recording
When auto ignition starts, it automatically starts and records. Loop recording saves the latest video and overwrites the oldest video when the card reaches capacity.
Supports cards up to 128GB. Please format to FAT32 before use.

G sensor
The variable-sensitivity G-sensor automatically detects sudden shakes / collisions and locks the footage in an "event file" to prevent it from being overwritten.
Support up to 128GB microSD card, please use class 10 or above card.

Note: There is damage such as scratches on the outer box during transportation, but this does not affect the body.

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Main features
● Equipped with "front collision warning" to prevent collision accidents
When the distance between you and the vehicle in front becomes narrower than the set speed (30, 60,90, XNUMXkm / h), the "front collision warning" function that issues an alarm (buzzer sound) is installed. You can prevent a rear-end collision accident.
● "Voice notification of lane departure" is installed to prevent vehicle wandering
When a vehicle crosses a lane at a speed exceeding the set speed (60, 80,100, XNUMXkm / h), it is equipped with a "lane departure warning" function that notifies you by voice, which can prevent the vehicle from wobbling due to drowsiness and driving.
● Video playback on touch panel and setting change
This product has an LCD screen, so you can play back the captured video on the spot.
● Position / speed recording by GPS module
This product is equipped with a GPS module, which records location information, running speed, and accurate time according to the captured image.
Package contents:
1 * body
1 * Rear camera
1 * GPS antenna
1 * Rear camera cable (length: about 6 meters)
1 * Cigar power cable
2 * Rubber ring
1 * 32GB SD card
1 * Japanese manual


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