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CHAOYILIUAt ., INC (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), information necessary for transactions and contact such as customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address when customers use our company (hereinafter referred to as "our company") Please disclose "personal information").We handle personal information in accordance with this privacy policy under the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Law.This privacy policy is a promise between you and us regarding the handling of personal information disclosed by us. 

1. Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information for the following purposes.
1) We will use your contact information such as your name, address, and telephone number to ship the product to you and bill you for it. In addition, we may use the payment information such as the credit card number and bank account specified in connection with the billing.
2) Contact information such as customer's name, address, e-mail address, type and quantity of ordered product, billed amount, etc. in order to contact or confirm the details of the order and shipping method. Use the information.
3) In order to inform our customers about our campaigns, products and services, we will use your history and contact information such as your name, address and e-mail address.
4) In order to improve our service, we will use the opinions, questionnaire results, usage history, etc. sent from customers.
5) We use your contact information such as your name, address, and e-mail address to respond to your requests and inquiries.
6) We will provide the credit company with information such as the type and quantity of the ordered product and the amount to be charged so that you can view the status of your order.
7) In order to refuse the use of the service to those who order the product for improper purposes, the customer's name, address, and the product ordered for the transaction judged to have been used for improper purposes We provide credit companies with information such as type, quantity, and billing amount. 

2. Management of personal information 

We manage personal information in the following system.
1) Establish necessary internal systems in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines, and obtain a pledge from our employees to handle personal information properly.
2) Limit the use of personal information to only those employees who need it for business purposes, make rules regarding the storage and management of media that contain personal information, and take preventive measures to protect personal information.
3) For personal information stored in the system, we will prepare an account and password so that only employees who are necessary for work can use it, and manage access authority. In addition, we will manage the account and password strictly so that they will not be leaked or lost.
4) For security when transmitting data related to personal information via the Internet, use SSL, which is an industry standard encrypted communication, for necessary Web pages.
5) Assuming that the service will not be hindered, personal information will be deleted from time to time after a certain period has passed since the personal information was received. 

3. About provision to a third party 

When you place an order, please understand this privacy policy and agree to the information provided in 1) and 6) before you place an order.
Regarding the information provided to credit companies, it is obliged to have a strict management system in accordance with the privacy policy of credit companies. 

4. Disclosure of personal information

1) We will not disclose personal information to third parties without your consent. However, this does not apply if the following cases apply.
・ When there is a request from a public institution such as a court or police based on the law
・ When the law has special provisions
・ When there is a risk of damaging the life, body or property of the customer or a third party, and the consent of the person cannot be obtained.
・ When it is necessary to protect or defend our rights, property or service from actions that violate laws and regulations, our terms of use and precautions, and we cannot obtain the consent of the person.
2) When a customer requests the disclosure of personal information, we will disclose it only when we can confirm that the person is the individual.
  Note: How to verify your identity
  Please mail a copy of your proof of identity (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.) to us.
  We will check the contents and disclose it as soon as it becomes clear that you are the person.

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Our site address is https: //chaoyiliuIt is

Personal data collected by this site and reasons for collection

Personal data is created outside of the interaction between the user and the site. Personal data is also generated from contact forms, comments, cookies, analytics, third-party embeds, and more.

This site does not collect any personal data about visitors, only the data displayed on the registered user's user profile screen. However, some of your plugins may collect personal data. If so, add the appropriate information below.


When visitors leave comments on this site, we collect the data displayed in the comment form, as well as the IP address and browser user agent string to help detect spam.

An anonymized string (also called a “hash”) created from an email address may be provided to the service to determine if you are using the Gravatar service. The service's privacy policy is at If the comment is approved, the profile image will be publicly displayed along with the comment.


When uploading images to the site, you should not upload images that contain location information (EXIF GPS). Site visitors can download images from the site and extract location data.

Inquiry Form

Retain the information from the contact form for a certain period of time for customer service, but not for marketing purposes.


When you leave a comment on a site, you can opt in to save your name, email address, and site in a cookie. This is for your convenience and saves you from having to re-enter your details when leaving other comments. This cookie is retained for 1 years.

When you visit the login page, it will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser can accept cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

In addition, we set some cookies to keep the login and screen display information when logging in. Login cookies are retained for 2 days and screen extension cookies are retained for 1 years. If you select "Save login status", login information will be maintained for 2 weeks. When you log out, the login cookie is cleared.

If you edit or publish a post, an additional cookie is stored in the browser. This cookie contains no personal data and simply indicates the ID of the post that changed. Expires in 1 days.

Embedded content from other sites

Posts on this site include embedded content (videos, images, posts, etc.). Embedded content from other sites behaves exactly as if a visitor had visited that site.

These sites may collect your data, use cookies, embed additional tracking by third parties, and monitor interactions with embedded content. This includes tracking interactions with embedded content if you are logged into the site using your account.


It includes the analytics package you are using, how you can opt out of tracking your analytics, and links to the privacy policies of your analytics provider.

WordPress does not collect analytics data. However, many hosting accounts collect anonymous analytics data. You may also have installed the WordPress plugin that provides analytics services.

Data sharing destination

List all third-party service providers that share your site data, including co-operators, cloud-based services, payment processors, third-party service providers, and mention the data you share with them and why. Please check our privacy policy link.

This site does not share personal data with anyone.

Data retention period

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are retained indefinitely. This is so that you can automatically recognize and approve follow-up comments instead of keeping comments in the moderation queue.

If there is a user registered on this site, that person will store the personal information provided on the user profile page. All users can view, edit, and delete their personal information (but the user name cannot be changed). Site administrators can also view and edit that information.

Your right to data

If you have an account with this site or have left a comment on the site, you may make a request to receive the personal data we hold about you (including all the data you provide) as an export file. I can do it. You can also make a request to erase your personal data. This does not include data that you are required to retain for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Destination of data

Visitor comments may be verified through an automated spam detection service.

contact info

Describes how to contact us regarding privacy-specific concerns. Appointment of a data protection officer is mandatory and the name and detailed contact information are provided.

Additional Information

In addition to the information already mentioned here, we will add the following to our privacy policy, as the site is for commercial purposes and we are collecting or processing more complex personal data.

How to protect your data

Learn what you can do to protect your data. It also includes technical measures such as encryption, security measures such as two-step verification, and measures such as training staff to protect data.

Data leakage measures

The internal reporting system, inquiry system, and bug discovery bounty system are in place as countermeasures against potential or actual data leakage.

Third party from which data is sent

If your site receives data about you from third parties, including advertisers, then you must include information about your data receipt in the section on handling third-party data in your privacy policy.

Automatic decision-making and profiling of user data

If the site offers services that include automated decision making (for example, allowing customers to apply for credit or collecting customer data in advertising profiles), the automated process will You must mention what is happening. When doing so, please include how the information will be used, the decisions made by the aggregated data, and the user's right to make decisions without human intervention.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

If you work in a regulated industry or are subject to other privacy laws, you may need to disclose them here.

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It provides basic information about the personal data that the store may collect, store, and share, as well as who has access to that data. The specific information shared by the store depends on the enabled settings and any additional plugins used. We recommend that you consult an attorney when deciding what information to disclose in your privacy policy.

We collect your information during the purchase process in the store.

Information we collect and store

We track the following information during your visit to the site:

  • Products You Viewed: This information is used to display the products you recently viewed.
  • Location, IP Address, Browser Type: Use this information for tax quotes and shipping.
  • Shipping Address: The purpose of this information is to provide you with a shipping quote and to deliver your order before you place an order.

We also use cookies to track the contents of your shopping cart while browsing the site.

Note: You may need to explain the cookie policy in more detail and link to it here.

Provide your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit card / payment information and, if necessary, account information (such as username and password) when making a purchase from this site. I will take it. Purposes of using this information include:

  • Submit information about your account and order
  • Respond to customer requests, including refunds and complaints
  • Process payments and prevent fraud
  • Set up an account for our site store
  • Comply with all legal obligations (tax calculation, etc.)
  • Improve store services
  • Send marketing messages on request

If you create an account, we will save your name, email address, and phone number for inclusion in your purchase screen for future orders.

Generally, we store information about you as long as the information we collect for a particular purpose is needed for that purpose. Keeping information you no longer need is not legally required. Order information is retained for tax and accounting purposes for XNUMX years. This information includes your name, email address, billing address, and shipping address.

We also store comments and reviews as needed.

Team members with access to information

Members of our team have access to the information you provide. For example, managers and shop operators can access the following information:

  • Order information such as purchase details, purchase date, and recipient.
  • Customer data such as your name, email address, billing information and shipping information.

Members of our team can access this information for order processing, refund processing and support.

Information we share with interested parties

Includes, but is not limited to, analytics, marketing, payment agents, shipping providers, and third party embeds.

We share information with third parties that support you in ordering and providing store services.

Payment Method

This site accepts PayPal payments. In that case, when processing the payment, some of the data will be passed to PayPal, including information needed for payment processing and support, such as total purchase price and billing information.

For more information,PayPal Privacy PolicyPlease refer to.

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This extension allows you to store your personal data and share it with external services.Learn more about how this works, including what you might include in your privacy policy.

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This extension allows you to store personal data and share it with external services.

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When shopping, we keep a record of your email and the cart contents for up to 30 days on our server.This record is kept to repopulate the contents of your cart if you switch devices or needed to come back another day.Read our privacy policy ..

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We collect information about visitors who comment on our site through the Akismet anti-spam service. The information we collect depends on the user's Akismet settings, but typically is the commenter's IP address, user agent, referrer, site URL (and other information provided directly by the commenter, such as name, username, and email address). , Comment body, etc.).